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D-Patrick - History


In 1934 Joseph E. O'Daniel partnered with George Ranes Sr. to form O'Daniel-Ranes Oldsmobile in downtown Evansville, Indiana. Over the years many automobile brands were added and different partnerships were formed within the O'Daniel Family. The O'Daniel family expanded within Evansville and to other cities such as Omaha, NE; Louisville, KY; Bloomington, IN; and Fort Wayne, IN. There are still dealerships owned and operated in Fort Wayne, IN and Omaha, NE by O'Daniel family members.

In 1964 Joe O'Daniel's son D. Patrick O'Daniel joined the family business at the Key Ford dealership in downtown Evansville. He first was the chief accountant and then was promoted to general manager of the Ford Dealership. In 1971 D. Patrick O'Daniel purchased his own dealership.

The new company was called D-Patrick, Inc. which sold and serviced Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vehicles on Green River Road on the east side of Evansville. D. Patrick later purchased Key Ford Honda. Honda was moved to Green River Road along with adding BMW, Porsche, and Audi to the Green River Road location. In 1989 D-Patrick purchased O'Daniel-Ranes Oldsmobile Nissan from his father. Nissan was moved to the Green River Road location. Oldsmobile was later discontinued by General Motors.

In 1987 D. Patrick O'Daniel's son Mike O'Daniel joined D-Patrick as a management trainee.

In 1989 D. Patrick O'Daniel's son in law Ray Farabaugh joined D-Patrick as a management trainee.

In 1998 after completing the NADA dealer candidate program and filling multiple management roles within the dealership Mike O'Daniel and Ray Farabaugh purchased D-Patrick, Inc. from D. Patrick O'Daniel. Since that time D-Patrick has added a used vehicle facility in Newburgh, IN, added the Lincoln franchise to the downtown Ford dealership, moved the Honda dealership to the Division Street Auto Plaza, purchased the Ford dealership in Boonville, IN and expanded the D-Patrick body shop and glass business to be one of the largest in the Evansville Area.

D-Patrick, Inc. employs the finest dealership staff, offers the best service and sales experience, maintains the greatest selection of new and used vehicles and offers the best deals in the tri-state area. The D-Patrick service, body and glass shops offer the highest quality repairs available anywhere. On the rare occasion a mistake is made we fix the problem ASAP.

Contact Mike O'Daniel at mikeo@dpat.com or Ray Farabaugh at rayf@dpat.com for further information.